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Unit I Unit II Unit III Unit IV Unit V Unit VI Unit VII Review Notes

Unit I Notes:

  Southern Colonies

  New England Colonies

  Middle Colonies

  Colonial Wars

  18th century society

        Colonial America Chart

Unit II Notes:

Road to Revolution, 1763-1776

           Colonial Laws

 American Revolution

          Revolutionary War Chart   

The New Nation

 New Government (1789-1800)

            Articles of Confederation vs. the Constitution

   The Jefferson Years

   The War of 1812

           Key Events and Causes- War of 1812

   The Era of Good Feelings

Unit III Notes:

   Jacksonian Democracy

   The American Economy: 1790-1860

   Reform and Culture

   Manifest Destiny

         Mexican-American War Events

    Slavery Conflict: 1848-1854


Unit IV Notes:

 The Road to the Civil War

 The Civil War

    Key Events and Battles of the Civil War

 Civil War Society


Unit V Notes:

 Politics in the Gilded Age



 Settling the West

 Politics in the 1890s

 American Imperialism, I

 American Imperialism, II

Unit VI Notes:

 The Progressive Era

 World War I  

 20's Society

 Politics of the 20s and 30s

 Great Depression and New Deal

       New Deal Programs

 Road to WW II

Unit VII Notes:

  U.S. in WWII

       World War II

       World War II Conferences

  Truman and the Cold War    

       The Korean War

  Eisenhower and the 50s

  The 1960s and Vietnam   

        Civil Rights Movement

        The Vietnam War

  The 1970s


  Society since WWII

  United States History by President, 1974-2000

AP Exam Review Notes:

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